February 2017

The Utah Phillips Flanger Car  on the grounds of the old Philo Records property. 

 September  2017

On the morning of september 30, 2017  at the home of Stephen and Deb Pilcher in Northferrisburg, Vermont, the car was loaded by crane onto two semi-trailer trucks. One truck for the wheel assemblies another for the car. The only hitch in the plan was getting the car to a shipping height that matched the permits for transit. Luckily at some point in the flangers life two of the support posts had been removed,  I assume to make the living space bigger. The two posts supported the beam that helped hold up the cuploa when the boxcar was converted to a flanger back in the 1890's. As a result, when the crane lifted the car the cupola sagged inward on one end and made the car 3'" shorter.  Along with some minor torch work on the undercarriage it was ready to go.


October 2017

On Saturday, Otober 7th a small crowd gathered at BBCRC to usher in the beginning of a new era.

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The Wheel Assemblies

The first order of business was to set the wheels assemblies in place. Since i was the one that had built the track bed, admittedly  I am no "Foamer," there was some debate pertaining to the tracks proper width and length. I assured everyone that the everything was indeed in order. I was a little relieved when the trucks and wheels settled into place. Once the wheels assemblies were set at the correct distance from one another other we laid small links of chain on the rails to secure them in place.

Setting The Flanger

Ready For The Next Chapter